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This was not a great call to get, as you can imagine. As far as I could tell, from that call, and from the ratings of the next four episodes, no one saw the show. Home Movies was part of the Adult Swim debut, which seemed to mark a big shift in how adults and teens watched animation.

What did you think of it at the time? Were you worried about moving from a more mainstream station to this experimental programming?

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We were so happy to be back in production. Speaking personally—there are a few events that, looking back, I can now see were truly, clearly, unmistakably life altering, and Home Movies getting picked up by Adult Swim is one of them. Cult hit—it's hard to define.

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I think we were aware that it connected with some people and that was enough for us. It still is.

Brigadier General Ronald M. Bouchard

One thing I see in a lot of your work is something my friends and I call "kid logic. How do you strike that balance? Part of the tension comes from hiring adults to play kids, and part of it comes from making a cartoon for adults. You end up with a little bit of cognitive dissonance from those two things alone.

The last piece comes from a character-driven approach to storytelling.

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This attitude—that the character must act in some authentic way—gives you your secret sauce. We also try to add jokes. How do you get into that kid headspace, where you're having these really sophisticated conversations that are about things adults might think is nonsense? How do you encourage that with actors?

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They live there. So many of the hallmarks of Home Movies —the improvisational tone, the weird humor, the pop culture parodies—have become pretty standard in a lot of other popular animation. Bouchard was known for his loud entrances — he drove a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to work — and for his insistence on developing a system where IBMers would plan for team-based results, known throughout the company as Personal Business Commitments, or PBCs. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, he also served on the board of several companies and was a trustee of the American Indian College Fund.

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Stolen Child

Ted Magnuson. Nothing ever came easy to Paul Elser.

Randy Allen lived the life of ease. So when their parents marry, it's no surprise when the two now brothers clash over the family fortune. What's in it for industrious Paul?