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New York : H. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Be the first. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Cooking Mushrooms Edible mushrooms. Chapter XIV. Puff-Balls: Lycoperdaceae This is not the place for a discussion of the different genera of the puff-balls, etc. Lycoperdon Tourn To this genus belong most of the puff-balls, as they are commonly called, or, as they are denominated in the South, Devil's snuff box. All, or a large portion, of the interior of the plant at mat Calostoma Cinnabarinum This is a remarkably beautiful plant with a general distribution in the Eastern United States.

Atkinson-Studies of American Fungi Mushrooms Edible Poisonous Etc 1911

It has often been referred to in this country under the genus name Milremyces, and sometimes has been con Chapter XV. Some of them at maturity are in shape not unlike that of a horn, and the vulgar name is applied because of this form and the od Dictyophora Desvaux Dictyophora means net bearer, and as one can see from Fig. The stem or receptacle, as one can see from the illustrations of the two species treated of here, poss Chapter XVI. Morels, Cup-Fungi, Helvellas, Etc. Nevertheless, because of the size of several of the species and the fact that se Morchella Dill The morels are all edible and they are usually easy to recognize.

The plant consists of two distinct, prominent parts, the cap and the stem. The cap varies in form from rounded, ovate, conic or cylind Helvella L The helvellas are pretty and attractive plants. They are smaller than the morels, usually. They have a cap and stem, the cap being very irregular in shape, often somewhat lobed or saddle-shaped. The True Cup-Fungi By far the larger number of the Discomycetes are cup-shaped, and are popularly called cup-fungi.

They vary from plants of very minute size, so small that they can be just seen with the eye, or some Chapter XVII. Collection And Preservation Of The Fleshy Fungi In the collection of the higher fungi it is of the utmost importance that certain precautions be employed in obtaining all parts of the plant, and furthermore that care be exercised in handling, in or Part 2 Field Notes The field notes which may be taken upon the collection will depend on circumstances. If one goes to the sorting room soon after the collection is made, so that notes can be made there bef Part 3 To Obtain Spore Prints In many cases it is desirable to obtain spores in a mass on paper in order to know the exact tint of color produced by the species.

Often the color of the spores can be satisfa Memoranda No Locality, Date.

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Name of collector. Habitat If on ground, low or high, wet or dry, kind of soil; on fallen leaves, twigs, branches, logs, stumps, roots, whether dead Selection And Preparation Of Mushrooms For The Table In the selection of mushrooms to eat, great caution should be employed by those who are not reasonably familiar with the means of determination of the species, or those who have not an intimate acquai Chapter XIX. Uses Of Mushrooms The most prominent and at present important use of mushrooms from the standpoint of the utilitarian is as an article of food.

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  6. We have now learned that their food value as a nutrient substance is not s Fungi In The Arts A number of different species of mushrooms have been employed in the manufacture of useful articles. Their use for such purposes, however, was more common in the past than at present, and it is largel Fungi In The Arts.

    Continued Fungi For Medicinal Purposes A number of the fungi were formerly employed in medicine for various purposes, but most of them have been discarded. Some of the plants were once used as a purgative, as Chapter XX. Cultivation Of Mushrooms The increasing interest in mushrooms during the past few years has not been confined to the kinds growing spontaneously in fields and woods, but the interest aroused in the collection and study of the The Cave Culture Of Mushrooms In America This has been practiced for a number of years in different parts of the Eastern United States, but perhaps only a small portion of the available caves or tunnels are at present used for this purpose.

    The House Culture Of Mushrooms Where this method of cultivation is employed, as the main issue, houses are constructed especially for the purpose. In general the houses are of two kinds.

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    Those which are largely above the ground, an The House Culture Of Mushrooms. Part 2 Interior Structure And Position Of The Beds The beds are usually arranged in tiers, one above the other, though in some houses the beds are confined only to the floor space. Where they are arranged i In the house of Mr. William Swayne, Kennett Square, Pa. Curing The Manure Selection Of Manure Horse manure is the material which is most generally used, though sometimes a small percentage of other manures, as sheep manure, is added.

    In the selection of the manure it is de This is perhaps partly due to the expense of Beds In Houses Constructed For The Purpose Of Growing Mushrooms Where only the floor of the house is used, a middle bed and two side beds are sometimes formed in the same manner as described in the construction of the house for the tiers of beds, with an alley on What Spawn Is The spawn of the mushroom is the popular word used in speaking of the mycelium of the mushroom.

    The term is commonly used in a commercial sense of material in which the mycelium is growing. This mater What Spawn Is. Part 2 Mill Track Spawn Mill-track spawn originated from the spawn found in covered roadways at mills or along tram-car tracks where horses were used. The accumulation of manure trodden down in these plac Part 3 Flake Spawn The flake spawn, or flakes, is commonly known as the French spawn, because it is so extensively manufactured in France.

    It is made by breaking down beds through which the mycelium has r Spawning The Beds The beds for growing the mushrooms having been made up, the spawn having been selected, the beds are ready for planting whenever the temperature has been sufficiently reduced and the material is prope Spawning The Beds. Part 2 Spawning With Flake Spawn, Or Natural Spawn In the use of the tlake or natural spawn, the planting is accomplished in a similar way, but larger pieces of the spawn are used, two or three times the si Part 3 Gathering The Mushrooms In artificial cultivation, the mushrooms usually formed are very near, or on, the surface of the bed.

    Poisonous Yard Mushroom: The Green-spored Parasol: Retro-Mushroom Week #4

    In the case of the meadow or pasture mushrooms, they are formed further b Part 4 Packing The Mushrooms In the packing room the mushrooms are prepared for shipment to market. The method at present usually employed is to ship them in baskets. The baskets vary in size, according to Part 5 Resoiling Once or twice a week during the harvesting period all loose earth, broken bits of spawn, free buttons, etc. These places should Part 6 Productivity Of The Beds One pound of mushrooms from every two square feet of surface is considered a very good crop.

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    Sometimes it exceeds this, the beds bearing one pound for every square foot, thou Shake it out, separating the coarse material from the droppings. Put the droppings in a pile two to three f Chapter XXI. Sarah Tyson Rorer. As varieties of mushrooms differ in analysis, texture and density of flesh, different methods of cooking give best results. For instance, the Coprinus micaceus, being very Agaricus Recipes The wild or uncultivated Agaricus campestris, which is usually picked in open fields, will cook in less time than those grown in caves and sold in our markets during the winter and spring.

    Studies of American Fungi: Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, Etc by George Francis Atkinson

    Cut the ste Coprinus Comatus And Coprinus Atramentarius Recipes As these varieties usually grow together and are sort of companion mushrooms, recipes given for one will answer for the cooking of the other. Being soft and juicy, they must be handled with care, and Coprinus Micaceus Recipes Wash and dry the mushrooms; put them into a deep saucepan with a tablespoonful of butter to each quart; stand over a quick fire, sort of tossing the saucepan. Do not stir, or you will break the mushro Lepiota Recipes These mushrooms, having very thin flesh and deep gills, must be quickly cooked to be good.

    Remove the stem, take the mushrooms in your hand, gill side down, and with a soft rag wash carefully the top, Oyster Mushrooms Pleurotus Recipes Wash and dry the mushrooms; cut them into strips crosswise of the gills, trimming off all the woody portion near the stem side.

    Throw the mushrooms into a saucepan, allowing a tablespoonful of butter Russula Recipes While in this group we have a number of varieties, they may all be cooked after one recipe. The stems will be removed, the mushrooms carefully washed, always holding the gill side down in the water, d Lactarii Recipes Remove the stems, and wash the mushrooms.